Steven W. Kelly

Steven W. Kelly, Esq. is a Director and Shareholder at S&D Law. Mr. Kelly has over 30 years of experience in complex civil litigation. After two years of serving as a law clerk to federal judges, at both the trial and appellate level, he joined S&D Law in 1987 and since then has practiced in trial and appellate courts throughout both the Colorado and federal court system. Mr. Kelly's litigation practice focuses on real estate, commercial, employment and professional liability issues. He regularly consults with clients seeking to find non-litigation solutions to disputes, before and after the disputes ripen into litigation. Mr. Kelly also advises and assists independent schools with a wide variety of matters.

Areas of Practice

Civil and Commercial Litigation - Trials and Appeals
Construction Law
Contracts - Complex, Commercial
Education/School Law
Employment Law - Employee
Employment Law - Employer
Professional Malpractice Law
Real Estate Law